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The Significance of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Recruitment within the UK Transport Industry

The UK transport sector, encompassing everything from public transit to logistics, plays a vital role in the nation’s economy and society. However, to continue thriving in an increasingly diverse and dynamic environment, the sector must prioritise Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) in its recruitment processes. Ensuring a diverse and inclusive workforce is not only a […]

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The Vital Role of Strategy in Elevating UK Passenger Transport

Public transportation serves as the lifeblood of modern cities, providing vital mobility for millions of people daily, in London alone over 4 million people use public transport every day. In the United Kingdom, where bustling urban centres coexist with sprawling suburban areas, the importance of a well-crafted strategy in shaping the public transport landscape cannot […]

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55 Ones to Watch in Transport

We’ve teamed up with Passenger Transport to identify top transport talent blazing a trail in 2024! The individuals you see here are a snapshot representing the deep talent pool within UK transport – the tip of the iceberg so to speak – John McArthur, Founder of Lost Group Welcome to Lost Group’s Ones to Watch […]

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The Role of Technology in Driving Change

In the dynamic realm of the UK transport industry, where talent acquisition is the engine that propels the industry forward, technology stands as the catalyst for transformation. As a technology-led matching service deeply embedded in the transport sector, we witness firsthand the pivotal role that technology plays in reshaping traditional recruitment practices. Lost Group exists […]

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Transport Ones to Watch 2024 – Nominations now open!

Do you know someone who deserves recognition for their outstanding contribution to the transport industry? Nominations for our ‘Ones to Watch 2024’ feature in association with Passenger Transport magazine are now open! No matter what stage of your career you are at – or if you work for an operator, supplier, or trade body – […]