Lost Group was created to help the UK transport industry with the burgeoning need of accurately matching great organisations with great people.

We believe the traditional search and recruitment model is not fit for purpose. The traditional search and recruitment model poses significant cost, time and quality implications on both employers and employees. In addition to these barriers, the commercial model of traditional recruitment is inflexible and remains largely unaccountable for poor recruitment decisions.

As the antithesis of traditional search, Lost Group has a different approach that aims to provide a service that is significantly faster, with better results and at a significantly lower price.

As the antithesis of traditional search, the Lost Group approach is materially different:
Traditional Search
Time to appointment <1 month 1-2 months
Domain and sector experience UK transport expertise gained from first-hand experience Recruitment agents, not transport specialists
Fees 10% 15 – 30%
Process 10,000+ qualified, current, private profiles of industry professionals with known skills and preferences.

No requirement for cold calling. Roles are only sent to relevant candidates.
Large onus on ‘tapping up’ potential candidates via social media with a heavy reliance on LinkedIn.

Requirement for cold calling and this often leads to overselling a role to generate interest.
Pre-screening A combination of Lost technology and transport industry professionals Limited or no technology element. Vetting done by recruitment agents with limited industry knowledge
Interviewing and selection Diary management and scheduling of interviews done online via Lost Diary management usually falls to employer and candidate. This can be time consuming and onerous for both parties
Employer anonymity Only relevant individuals will see a potential vacancy Traditional LinkedIn / job board postings require vacancy to be broadcast publicly
Candidate anonymity Individual profiles are private. Lost users can ‘look’ without being ‘seen’ Candidates actively looking for new role have to make their availability known
Shared accountability Lost will re-appoint within six months at no cost Process typically re-run at full or discounted cost
Exclusivity Exclusivity not required Usually required for agent to feel in control of process and ensure payment.