LOST was created to provide the UK transport industry with a smarter way of managing the process of finding and selecting the right person for a role.

The current search and recruitment model places significant cost, time and quality implications on both employers and employees. In addition to these barriers, the commercial model of traditional recruitment is inflexible and remains largely unaccountable for poor recruitment decisions.

LOST is different. TalentAI collates all job applications from multiple sources including careers websites, job boards, LinkedIn, search agents and the LOST Network into one easy-to-use dashboard to compare and select the right candidates for your organisation.

  • Capture and store all CV’s and applications in one place
  • Exclusive access to UK transport professionals from the LOST network
  • Quickly filter results against key diversity metrics and criteria defined by your organisation
  • Remove unconscious bias and standardise recruitment
  • Significantly reduce costs whilst improving recruitment decisions
  • Speed up the recruitment process
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